The Web site has just born! Welcome new reader!

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Hi there! after a few months I am here once again with this new blog. As you see I am using wordpress and not Joomla! nor Mambo anymore. They where too tricky too use. I think WordPress fits better my needs with its easiness and intuitive interface. That said I want to speak about this new born web site. what will it speak about? Internet and Technology in an easy way. The reader will get little bites of news in order not to get too bored. Of course It will be impossible for me to update the site on a regular base but I will try to do my best. I hope, differently from my other web site, to get more comments from people. I really hope readers will be prompted to write something and be part of a small community. As a matter of fact the real fun is here…have someone really interesting in what you are doing.

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