Nintendo Ds and homebrew

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r4-revolution.jpgNintendo DS is the most sold portable consolle in the world. You can play with tons of games and if you want you can use an unlimited quantity of homebrew applications. But how to use these home programs? Well, the first step is to read this wikipedia article:

After that go to this web site speaking about homebrew and download the software you want:

And to finish buy this nice slot:

Keep in mind that R4 slot works right out of the box. It also contains a nice program to listen to MP3 with your DS. The only thing you have to do is to buy a micro SD card (I personally use a 2 Gb SD) and put all the roms into it (the slot uses a SD card in order to run the software). I can guarantee you that everything works like a charm since I myself have one of this slot. Remember, you can even download into your slot DS roms with games but…well, it is illegal! ;P

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