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default-medium.jpgI love Wii, as a matter of fact I own one and I was one of those to buy it right when it came out. Many people have looked at it doubtfully stating that its success couldn’t go far and that sooner or later XboX or Playstation 3 would have taken the market back. Well, I am sorry guys but it looks like you are wrong and that you are going to be wrong for a long, long time. The USA market in November was overfload with the Wii which was placed second with 1.060.000 units sold. And the first place? Nintendo DS of course (which I also have) with 1.300.000 units sold. By the way, I almost forgot…what are their names? Ah yes… XboX 360 – 728.000 units sold, Playstation 3 – 410.000 units sold.


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