Nintendo offers “rain checks” if Wii out-of-stock

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default-medium.jpgWell, there is not much to add. According to the Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime the rain checks will be offered via GameStop. If your local store has a shortage of Wii you can BUY one of this checks for 249$ on December 20 and 21 and take your Wii by the 29th of January. I think this is a shameful company policy. I have to pay the Wii in advance? What are they afraid of? Not to sell the Wii remaining in the stock? With all this demand? No Way! A big company like Nintendo could have got a different approach to this matter and offered the raincheck for free. You pay after you take the Wii. This is a classical example how to behave in a very rude way. Costumers come first!

Source: Switched.com

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