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firefoxad.jpgI use Firefox. I think Internet Explorer is crap cause is buggy, heavy, slow and I didn’t ask for it when I bought my HP Pavillon dv6000 (but hey I didn’t even ask for a brand new buggy Windows Vista!) That said I would like to speak about the best add-ons for this browser inviting all the readers to share their knowledge with the rest of this small but growing community. My preferred application is Fasterfox which increases the browsing speed by using a very efficient prefetching mechanism which caches all the links on the pages we are visiting. I also like Noscript. It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice. Sometimes I am FORCED to use IE tab for those sites which stubbornly are just compatible with Internet Explorer. With a click you can switch from FireFox to IE with no effort. Windows media Player plugin instead allows you to see wmp files directly from Firefox without switching to IE. What add-ons do you use on your FireFox?

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