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microsoft logoSo you have got Windows Vista with all its nice features but you think that you don’t need all of them and that you could use some of Vista’s resources to improve the speed of your computer? Well, this is the right place. Follow this tips and you will see the difference! Differently from most tweaks you can find on the web this ones don’t mess with your Windows registry nor you have to be a computer engineer to use them. Of course I am not responsible for damages that these tips can eventually cause on your Pc. Anyway you will find out that they are pretty safe and you will feel encouraged to use them. Here are the tricks.

1) Turning off the search index. This service constantly search your files for a fast searching. Pretty handy but it slows your computer system performance. To disable it:

* Click Start — Computer
* Right Click the C: Drive
* General Tab, Uncheck Index this drive for faster searching
* On dialog box, Select Include subfolders and files

2) Turn off Remote Differential Compression. It measure the changes of the files on a network to transfer them with a minimal bandwidth. Again, this features decrease your Pc speed. To disable it:

* Open Control Panel
* Switch to Classic View
* Select Program Features
* Choose Windows features on and off
* Uncheck Remote Differential Compression

3) Turn off Automatic Windows Defender Operation. This useful defender goes on protecting your system eve if it is not in Automatic mode. Let’s disable it:

* Open Control Panel
* Click on Windows Defender
* Choose Tools
* Select Options
* Uncheck Auto Start

4) Turn off Automatic Disk Defragmentation. Useful but if you really don’t care for it you can disable it:

* Click Start — Computer
* Right Click the C: Drive
* Click Properties
* Select Tools Tab
* Click Defragment Now
* Uncheck Run on a schedule

5) Turn off Windows Hibernation. This tip really improves your Pc performance.

* Press Start on the Desktop
*Click All Programs
* Click Accessories
* Open Command Prompt, type powercfg -h off and press enter

6) Turn off System Restore. This features allows you to create a Restore Point so that if something goes wrong you can revert your Vista to its last known working point. If you don’t play a lot with your O.S. you can safely turn it off.

* Control Panel>System
* Click System Protection on the left
* Automatic restore Point. Uncheck this function from the local disks
* Click OK

Fore more tricks and tweaks go here.

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One Comment to “6 Windows Vista tips for a faster Pc”

  1. alexwfix Says:

    I have read the above blog, I feel after reading the above blog, I can repair my pc independently without the help of any computer engineer. Thanks for sharing excellent knowledgeable information.

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