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netscape.jpgFor those who are too young to know what I am talking about I will just say that Netscape, when Internet was starting to become known, was the first, the only browser available. This means that everybody in the world was using it. Sadly, during the first browser war its enemy, Microsoft Internet Explorer, won and since then Netscape started loosing every war until it almost disappeared. Almost. American On-Line on November 24, 1998 announced the acquisition of Netscape Communications and since then AOL continued to develop this good browser (which is based on Mozilla and hereupon share with it many features). You can download Netscape and know more about it here.

Update: I have just read that AOL will stop supporting and developing Netscape from the first February 2008. After 13 years the first web browser will reach its last version. A real loss for a software which, for many people like me, helped discover and surf the web.

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