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dsreader.pngI have been wondering about how to read documents on Nintendo Ds for a long time but now I know it is possible. There seems to be no limit for this little big console and the community of independent developers making programs for it. I have to confess you that I discovered this software thanks to Wikipedia. The whole Wikipedia article about DS homebrew can be found here. Just go to the end of the page and you will find a long list of software that runs on DS. If you don’t find it, that means that the page is being updated. Just check it back later and you will see it. So, the software I was talking about is called DS Reader. Just download it, put it into your DS SLOT (yes, you have to buy this card if you want to run homebrew) and you can start reading your text files (.txt). Let me advice you to buy the R4 Slot Card. I own it myself and I have never run into any kind of issue. If you want to find more about Nintendo Ds and homebrew go here. By the way it seems that you need some DLDI patching to run the reader as it is written on the author web site. I didn’t have any need to use it but if you need to patch it read further for more infos.

  1. The patcher is called System Patcher Software. You can download it here. With it you have to patch a little driver that can be found here and it is different for every SLOT CARD.

  2. Now go on using the patcher and patch the DS Reader whose file name is DSReader.nds

  3. Create a folder in your card called DSReader and copy these files: DSReader.nds, arial.ttf, gara.ttf, alice.txt

  4. Enjoy!

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3 Comments to “How to read documents on Nintendo DS”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    I really do not know. I didn’t make the application. Contact the developer directly on his forum! 🙂

  2. Julia Says:

    hey, thanks for the app, but, can you read chinese or japanese on it??

  3. Good Says:

    Good Help ty!!

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