How to save sessions in Internet Explorer

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Despite Internet Explorer is the most used browser in the world (well, that’s according to a lot of people, but as far as I am concerned 90% of people visiting Web Talk use Firefox) it lacks of a lot of features that in other browsers have been available for years. One of this  is the ability to save your Internet sessions right away. This feature is useful above all when, for any reason, you need to close Internet Explorer and its tabs without being worried to remember what websites you have opened and save them. Let’s see how we can save our Internet Explorer session thanks to a little freeware add-on.

IESession in a small add-on which lets you save your Internet Explorer sessions in a couple of steps. This is quite useful above all when you want to shut down your Internet Explorer and you don’t want to spend time saving all those nice websites you just found while surfing. IESession’s most important features include:

  • Save your Internet Explorer session in a file, send it via e-mail, store it in your USB dongle or in your Amazon S3 Storage and continue browsing from another computer.
  • All URLs opened in your browser are saved in a session.
  • Browse a session by expanding it  URL by URL and spot that blog you wished to explore better.
  • IESession is compatible with IE 6 and IE 7. This means that if you are using the tab function in IE 7 and you save the session in such a browser, next time you want to open the same saved session in IE 6 you will open a set of windows, each corresponing to a tab.

If you want to download this add-on or if you want to know more, click here.

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