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This is the name of the new Mozilla campaign to encourage people to use its well-known browser Firefox. The funny video you can watch at the end of this post is a “classical” example of what this campaign means and namely: if you use IE you are less happy than people using Firefox. We all know that Firefox is faster, more secure and more used than Internet Explorer so there is nothing to wonder about, but the way this video show it, well, it is not that fun. As a matter of fact it reports a list of fake stats that aroused many complaints. Among the others you can read:

Compared to Internet Explorer users, Firefox users are:

* 21% less likely to be a sales representative or agent at their current place of business.
* 45% more likely to have gone on vacation in San Francisco within the last 2 years.
* 33% less likely to live with others suffering from high cholesterol.
* 6% less likely to have eaten any meal at Chick-fil-A within the last 7 days.
* 24% less likely to live with others suffering from heart disease.
* 66% more likely to have viewed or listened to audio or video about politics or public affairs news within the last 30 day.
* 89% more likely to have purchased database software for work in the last year.
* 38% less likely to live with others suffering from breast cancer.

These stats generated so much scandal that Paul Kim, VP of marketing for Mozilla had to apologize on Techcrunch.com
Let’s read here what he said: “This is Paul Kim, VP of marketing for Mozilla. I want to apologize to anyone who was upset or offended by some of the stats on the not yet final website for this campaign. The list Techcrunch referenced was posted without a final review by Mozilla and wasn’t intended to be published as is. We’re working right now to correct this on the site, which goes live in a final form later today.” Here is the link to the Techcrounch post.

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