Recover your PDF password with PDFCrack

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Yes, there are many PDF recovery password on the Internet promising and letting you recover your most important documents you lost the password from but this password remover for pdf is completely different. First of all is freeware and secondly is open source GNU/Linux (GPL). No money to recover your beloved documents anymore! Just use it to remove password from you pdf file once for all!

Its features are:

  • Supports the standard security handler (revision 2 and 3) on all known PDF-versions
  • Supports cracking both owner and userpasswords
  • Both wordlists and bruteforcing the password is supported
  • Simple permutations (currently only trying first character as Upper Case)
  • Save/Load a running job
  • Simple benchmarking
  • Optimised search for owner-password when user-password is known

If you want to download it click here.The bad side is that it just works under Linux. Anyway somebody compiled a Windows version you can try it here.

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