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googleThere are many Google tricks available on the internet you should know and that could change your internet life. But today I want to speak about how to convert almost everything without using any software among the many ones available at prices that, most of the time, are not quite convenient for you. Ready? Go to Google and choose one of this sentences to convert whatever you want (you have to write them in the search field):


  • 1 dollar in euro – this is what you have to write if you want to know about money conversion (of course you can use other currencies).
  • Seconds in a year – this sentence is quite self explanatory.
  • 100 bites in Kilobites – see above.
  • Better than – you can use this sentence to know any program that is better than…i.e. Better than Vista

Here you can find other examples: “reminds me of”, “sounds like” or “similar to”. There are no limits to what you can ask Google. Just use your fantasy.

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