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vilivAs I have already written many times, the new trend is named UMPC, ultra mobile PC. The direction technology has taken is rather clear: Ultraportable PC which are rich of features and, at the same time, extremely cheap. In this article I will speak about the Vivil PC which was shown few days ago at CES in Las Vegas. The release is expected for the Q3 this year and it will cost between the $700 and $800 (not that cheap if compared with the Asus Eee). Let’s have a look at its specs:

* Intel Menlow 1.86GHz processor
* 512MB DDR2 533MHz RAM
* 30GB/60GB hard drive
* WSVGA 16 million color display
* Internal GPS chipset (SiRFStar III chipset)
* Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
* Optional WAN (HSDPA, WiBRO, WiMAX) with external modem
* Direct 3D 9ex, OGL2.0, HD Video Decoder for MPEG2, H.264 (720p)
* Composite, S-Video, Component
* Windows Vista/Embedded XP/Linux
* Fingerprint scanner
* Webcam

If you want to know more about ultraportable PC click here.

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