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There are many applications on the Internet able to convert pdf files to doc, but there are very few of them able to do the opposite. Actually you can find some of them, but they are all shareware applications costing some money and maybe you are just looking for something simple that comes for free. Here is your reply. The FREE PDF to WORD CONVERTER (well, a little more fantasy was required here on the author’s side) is able to transform a document into a pdf with just few easy steps. The free software works from pdf 1.0 to pdf 1.6 and can only convert English pdf files.

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2 Comments to “Convert from .pdf into .doc”

  1. Richard Says:

    You might like to check out our free PDF-to-Word service too — http://www.pdftoword.com. You can convert your files online without installing anything.

  2. Create your documents with Primo PDF | Webot Says:

    […] or convert your documents to PDF files there are a lot of solutions in the Internet for you to try. Here and here you can find some examples. But if you are looking for something professional, versatile […]

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