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webnodeWebnode is a web utility letting you create your website in a few easy steps. The real revolution here is that you don’t have to download or use any software such as CMS. Everything is done via-browser. Once you have created your account, you are done. Once you sign-in, a very easy and intuitive interface will appear in your preferred browser letting you add features on your will-be site. Adding widgets and gadgets is very easy since it is achieved by a simple drag-and-drop process. This new way of creating a website is mainly addressed to people without any technical know-how, who want to make something as difficult as creating a website in a very simple way. Among its features there are: Web 2.0 technology, Drag-and-drop technology, Free hosting, ability to use your own domain, Automatic SEO, E-commerce, Website statistics, Discussion forums, Website statistics, RSS etc. You can try its live demo here.

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