Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 6001.18000 Released

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vistaIt looks like Microsoft is working hard on Vista (and XP) and its Service Pack Release Candidates. A few days ago I posted an article speaking about Windows Vista SP1 RC (6001.17128) v.744 update. Well, incredibly enough, another Windows Vista SP RC has just released to beta testers. Of course, the hack to download it is already available on the Internet. So let’s see where to download this new release and how to install it. Let me remind that, if in your computer you have another SP Release Candidate, you have to uninstall it in order to avoid any issue due to having 2 SP on the same machine. To uninstall it follow this link here.

  1. Download the hack here.
  2. Uninstall any previous SP RC version
  3. Run the hack
  4. Check for updates
  5. Install the updates named KB938371 and KB935509. This is a must if you want to run the SP1 into your machine
  6. Reboot the computer
  7. Check for updates again
  8. Install (KB937287_6001.1800). It will let you install the SP1
  9. Be patient
  10. After a few minutes check for updates again
  11. You should see the SP RC named (KB936330)
  12. Download it!

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