No Windows 7 by 2009

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A few days ago in a post I spoke about the possibility to see Windows Vista 7 by 2009. The post came from many rumors on the web, also due to the fact that a road map had been released, showing a possible release for that year. Well, winvistaclub.com managed to “steal” an interview from the Windows guys saying that : “Windows 7 still in planning stage and will take approximately 3 years to develop”. Read the full intervew here. To tell you the truth I am more than happy about this news. I think that Windows Vista still needs a lot of support. It is far from being bug-free and perfect ( well, with Microsoft you don’t have the chance to use this word a lot of times). Having another buggy software out could only mean sharing Windows resources to fix bugs between two operative systems delaying, in this way, the day to see a Vista really stable and secure. Speaking about Windows Vista, when Microsoft started commercialising it, it had to think about stability more than money. Looking from this standpoint, releasing Windows Vista looked more like a money gathering than a real WOW…

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