Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo

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microsoft.jpgThis is a big news! In the last few hours it seems that Microsoft is pushing Yahoo hard. Microsoft interest to buy the search engine is old story, but today it looks like it is becoming more serious and serious. Billy’s company has offered Yahoo about $44.6bn (£22.4bn) in cash and shares. That’s the real WOW! Despite there is no word by Yahoo, I would place my bet on this acquisition. In fact, on one side we have Microsoft trying to fight Google hard, and on the other side we have Yahoo that is struggling with little success (the forces at stake are unequal) to pull Google down. This morning the guys at the NY Stock Excange took this news really seriously. Have a look at Yahoo’s share price here to have a pretty good idea! While I am writing the Yahoo! stock is up 53%. The joke here is a must…WOW!

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