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roxer.pngA few days ago I spoke about Webnode and the easy way to make blogs nowadays. Thanks to the silent revolution called Web 2.0 a lot of things, that just few years ago were for professionals or available if you bought specialised software, now can be used with no particular knowledge nor buying expensive programs. Today I want to speak about another drag-and-drop website creator named Roxer. With it you don’t need to be a programmer and no special knowledge is required. Just sign-in, enter into your personal space, start dragging and dropping elements on your will-be web site and you are done. With a few click you can really make a pro-looking web site. Just look here at what Roxer can make and you will be amazed! Here is a list of its features:

  • Drag-and-drop ability
  • Resize image from your web site
  • A rich of features text editor
  • Make change on the spot
  • Compy whatever you want from one page to another instantly
  • Free widgets for your pages
  • Layering – Stack content to get unique visual effects

Keep in mind that with Roxer you can create excellent websites but no blog can be made with it.

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