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If you own one of the Garmin GPS devices you know pretty well that all of them come with a pre-installed software called MapSource. This software is the heart of Garmin products, since it provides to its users uploads and downloads of lots of files such as: maps, POI, tracks, routes, waypoints etc. Without the program your nice gadget is completely useless. The fact is this: if you screw-up the device or something goes wrong, the only way for you to install MapSource is to use the CD. Luckily for us there is a wonderful hack that avoids a lot of pain and sleepless nights, and that let us download MapSource through the software updater without use the CD (just in case you lost it). Here is the full step-by-step procedure.

  1. Download the software updater from Garmin
  2. Open this file: MapSource_6136.exe
  3. Click MAIN.msi
  4. Click Setup.exe
  5. Finish. MapSource is installed!
  6. Some users report that after installing the MapSource they still need to download and install another product to make it fully usable. Download and install Training Center Software.

Update: If this procedure didn’t work for you,  read this other post. A lot of people have managed to get its Garmin Mapsource thanks to it!

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9 Comments to “Download Garmin MapSource for Free”

  1. saw win soe Says:

    When I use map sources 6.16.3 with my garmin 62s, it’s require the product of MMMAP FS-ALL(9.8.10). So I don’t know to get it free.

  2. Barry G Says:

    You have to have a Garmin map ALREADY installed. This download is for the Mapsource program ONLY…Not the actual maps

  3. Emuardim Says:

    Friends, is very simple to do this instalation. First, instal the “Download and install Training Center Software”. There is a link up page. After, instal anyone mapsource and is just use the map source by garmin free. I hope to have help you!

  4. PeterPan Says:

    I ran the file from the link and clicked “check” it says

    “Reading Registry, wait please…
    Maps not found! END”

  5. tal Says:

    Map source could not find any installed map products Please install one or more map source map products and start again….

    http://www.path.cz/forum/download/file.php?id=91 , cant seem to run this link.

    Please help

  6. Web Talk Says:

    Hello there and sorry for my delay! Here is what I have found for you guys:
    Download this utility

    Run it and click “check”. All installed maps will be showed.
    If one or more maps have compatibily problems, click on “Repair Map”

  7. mijo Says:

    I’ve got always the same error.

    Runtime Error!
    Programm : C:\Programme\Garmin\MapSource.exe

    Could anybody help me to solve this problem?

  8. Rytis Says:

    After programm instalation “Map source could not find any installed map products Please install one or more map source map products and start again” What I have to do ?

  9. mustafa mohamed Says:

    thanks very much

    mustafa mohamed´s last blog post..القاء القبض على روبينيو نجم مانشستر سيتي.

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