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I started this blog in December 2007 and, despite the fact I was not expecting a lot of visitors, I have to confess you that when a few days ago I looked at my website statistics I was surprised. As a matter of fact, in Junaury I managed to achieve a decent goal. Almost 2000 people visited Web Talk.

Here are some figures

  • Visitors: 1759
  • Pageviews: 6718
  • Spiders: 5579
  • Feeds: 1040

I know pretty well that many websites having the same topics as mine manage to have thousands of vistitors per day, but I do not complain, I don’t want to complain. I started this site as an experiment. I want to see how big it can grow in terms or visitors, posts and, why not, money. This last point is very hard to achieve, but I am hopeful even though, I am earning very little. Google AdSense seems to be tricky in the way it works, and despite that I have read lots of articles about how to improve my Page CTR and CMP little progresses have been made. I think that in the end everything will be determined by the quality of my posts and how many visitors are willing to read them. I don’t want to think about money too much so far. What I am trying to do here is to build something that may be useful to surfers. If everything will go in the right direction, I will also see other results. I look at money as a kind of prize for the good work I am doing or I will do in the future.

In the meantime Web Talk has managed to reach 150 posts and 3 guides that cover different topics all related to gadgets, Internet and software. I tried to keep the website structure as simple as possible, to avoid readers from being confused by too many categories or too many tags that in many websites confuse more than help. As far as threats are concerned Web Talk managed to avoid 30 spam comments and three php injections. WordPress is a pretty tough CMS and thanks to some other little tricks I applied on the server I should be sufficiently shield. In a couple of day I will try to use some SEO plugin, since I think something more can be done in order to make Web Talk more search engine friendly. I will let you know what plugin I will choose, and I will provide you a full review of it. To reach as many people as possible and let them know about Web Talk I subscribed to some social blogs and many Internet Directories. I fully understand the importance to be linked by other sites, but since Web Talk is pretty young, there is not a lot I can do apart waiting or spending real money to get web services that fast index the site. Sincerely speaking I am proud of the fact that I haven’t spent any money to reach the goals I got and I think to continue with this strategy. If you want to help Web Talk to grow you can send me some articles or some posts and, if the contents are pertinent, I will publish them along with your name and your website address. All writing must be in English of course. Ok, that’s enough. Back to work! Thank you all for reading this post and come back visiting me as much as you like!

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2 Comments to “Web Talk is growing fast”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Well, I do not know why I write it a lot. you are right. “However”, lately I have stopped using it because I got aware of it! 🙂 🙂
    “Anyway”, thanks!
    PS my visitors now are 3000 a day! 😉

  2. Ruceb Says:

    I just wonder why each and every article you write contains the phrase “as a matter of fact”? Is this some sort of gag, or haven’t you realized that yet? Anyway, keep your articles coming, and on the long run you might have rather 20000 than 2000 visitors a day…

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