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Asus is thinking about different projects for its ultraportable Eee. The most important ones are:

  1. Making the screen bigger

  2. Increase the battery life

  3. Making the recharging time shorter

  4. Deleting the project to add touchscreen capability. As far as this fourth point is concerned I would like to remind you that a few days ago I wrote about the fact that Asus was thinking seriously about this feature. After a market research Asus found out that people wanting to buy its ultraportable are not interesting in it, that’s what made the company change its mind. A very odd decision since people are always looking for something “different” on their Asus. I am talking about those sites teaching you how to modify it heavily. Unless these people are just part of a small niche, I would say that Asus is not interesting in spending extra bucks for some nice features that, to the end-user, would just cost as low as $15. It means that to the company it would cost just, let’s say $5? I don’t drink the market story. I tend to believe that Asus is being very, very cheap in this case.

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