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One of the things I really find hard to understand is the tricky SEO world and all its crazy rules. Search engines prize you if you write interesting topics and penalise you if you write arguments that are too used in the Internet. To tell you the truth it is very difficult to write something new and original in the Internet, since this virtual world has already been filled up with everything the human kind knows. Apart from this, SEO has also to do with the way your website is made and how search engines see it when, with their spiders, they try to index and rank it in their pages. At a certain point of my web experience I started being concerned about this and, since I was afraid not to be indexed in the right way or to be too low in the search engine lists, I started reading guides and articles to understand how to be more SEO-friendly. I use WordPress as CMS and I think it is one of the best platform available. After my experience with Mambo and Joomla! this CMS was heaven for me when, for the first time, I login as administrator. I also chose it because of its plugins. There are so many that it is really difficult to count them all. Basically there is a plugin for everything you want to do. With some of them you can even optimize your website in different ways. A valuable piece of information I know and that I would like to share with you is that, apart from writing original contents and having a well-done wordpress template (which are two of the most effective ways to be high-indexed), you can tweak your posts by adding meta-words and meta-descriptions. These keywords allow your website to be seen in a better way by search engines. This lets you be listed in the first positions when a person search for something on Google or Yahoo! Being in the first pages means having more visitors. (I hate the depressing feeling to be writing to nobody!) That’s why one day I thought: why not try? What’s easier than having something as simple as a plugin that does everything for you, and maybe does it out-of-the-box? After browsing a little bit in the WordPress website and asking for advice in the WordPress community, I found two plugins that maybe could help me: Robots Meta and All in One Seo Pack. Let’s see their features.

Robots Meta

This nice plugin developed by Joost de Volk lets you add meta robot tags in your website in a breeze. It also has other nice features such as:

  • Prevent indexing of your search result pages
  • by adding noindex,follow robots meta tags
  • Prevent Yahoo! and Google from indexing your feeds
  • Nofollow outbound links on your frontpage
  • Nofollow tag links
  • Add robots meta tags to individual posts and pages

There are others interesting options to improve your website SEO and Google Rank, and they all can be setted in a few easy steps. If you want you can download it by going to this page.

All in SEO Pack

This plugin promises you to SEO optimize your blog right out-of-the-box. With it you can tweak everything and when I say everything I really mean it! In fact you can:

  • Tweak posts titles
  • Tweak posts descriptions
  • Tweak your blog title and description
  • Insert as many keywords as you want in your blog template
  • Avoid the duplicate contents (in this way you will be better ranked by Google)
  • Automatic assignment of meta words and meta descriptions to all your posts!

The most interesting feature I like, is the opportunity you have to do everything you want without spending time in reading instruction and trying to understand what you are doing. Everything is done out-of-the-box and very little effort on the blogger’s side is requested. All the descriptions are found right under their respective options. One thing that I really would like to see in this wonderful plugin is the mass edit option. As a matter of fact if you want to insert the meta words you like in your posts the only way to achieve it is to open the post editors one-by-one. This can be a little tiring and require a lot of time! Anyway It is worth since you see results immediately! In fact less than 24 hours after installed it, my website had about 60 visitors more while its posts were in the first 7 pages. I will let you know if other progress is made. In the meantime if you want to download my first choice plugin visit this page.

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