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So, after installing All-in-one-SEO pack my worries didn’t stopped. As a matter of fact, since its main keyword source are WordPress tags (I don’t want to use many of them since I want to keep my blog structure as simple as possible), I thought search engines and Google Adsense could need more words to play with. That’s why I decided to add to all my posts more meta tags. To get keywords I decided to use the useful Google Keyword tool which looks for the best keywords available, giving you at the same time, some statistics about the current month volume and the average search volume for each given word. Despite the fact that the All-in-one-SEO author said to me that the plugin best keyword source should be WP 2.3.x tags and the words provided by categories, there is no proof that using other keywords may damage my SEO or page rank. Some results are already visible in my posts anyway. In fact my Google advertisments seem to be more pertinent to the post contents, and the posts feteched by people through the searches engines seem to be increased. In fact lots of people landing to my site from Google are usually looking for Windows Vista hacks and tricks. In the last few hours it seems that other people have joined looking for other topics. This make me think that something has changed! Apart from all these speculations one thing is for sure. Since I installed All-in-one-SEO pack my wesite registered 50 visitors more per day! (so far)

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