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immagine.jpgIf you own a fantastic Treo smartphone (but also a Zire, a TX and those devices Palm OS powered) you may wonder how you can use it apart from making phone calls, setting its clock alarm, or write your appointment on its agenda. Well, there are hundreds of applications to extend the range of your phone usage you may not be aware of. Today I want to speak about an application that has really managed to change the way I use my wonderful Treo 650. Megalauncher is a nice application manager that organizes your Treo applications allowing, at the same time, to access your phone SD card within its desktop. In this way you won’t have to switch to your card manager to launch certain programs. Everything is done within the application itself. But Megalauncher is more than that. In fact a whole set of sub-applications are available to extend your phone capabilities to its extreme! The most important features include: Network manager, FTP manager (to access your ftp site from your phone!), Reader manager (to read many kinds of documents), Music manager (to listen to your preferred songs), Image manager, Theme manager (to change the theme of your Megalauncher among the many ones available on its website), ZIP support, backup manager (to backup all the information and programs you stored into your Treo), rapid copying and launching from external cards (triple acceleration), Multi-window mode etc. Megalauncher supports handheld running Palm OS 5.0 or later, Hi-Res (320×320) and Hi-Res Plus (320×480) displays and 16-bit color displays only. Megalancuher is also fully customizable. In fact you can change its icons and sounds or even develop your own iconsets thanks to ML6 IconPack Factory! Try it now and you will become addicted to it right away!

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