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microsoft logoOk, now that Windows Vista SP1 is official it is easy to get it through other channels, apart the official ones. Here are some links available on some of the most famous bittorrent websites. Before downloading, I want you to know that in the web there are a lot of supposed Vista SP1. Lots of them are just trash, other ones are original and can be downloaded with no problem only if you have the original Windows Vista with no activation hack. The original SP1 is named Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – Build 6001.18000(RTM.080118-1840) and you should not look for anything different than this. Of course to download these Service Packs you need a bittorrent client. You can download a good one  here. It is called Utorrent and it doesn’t even need any installation to run. One last note: This list of links is based on what people wrote about these packs in the bittorrent websites. I have just choosen links having a majority of good comments. Before downloading, I advice you to read these comments too. You will read them anyway because I decided not to post the direct link, but just the page where you can find it. I am not responsible for damages these SP can cause to your computer. I advice you to download the SP through the official channels to avoid any issue.

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