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If you think Windows Vista sucks and it’s too expensive for your pockets, if you think that you or your company won’t manage to survive without Windows XP, if you are against Microsoft decision to quit XP by the end of June 2008, then this site is for you! This funny, although serious website intends to save Windows XP from death with a petition. Of course, the more you support it the better. Reading from the site: “Microsoft will end OEM and shrink-wrapped sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing users to shift to Vista. (System builders, meaning those who do white-box PCs, can sell XP through December 31.) Don’t let that happen!” …”So what to do? Let Microsoft decide where your personal and enterprise software “lives”? Or send a loud and clear message that you don’t want to move? We’re going for the loud-and-clear option. Join us, and tell Microsoft that you want to keep XP available indefinitely. Not for another six months or a year but indefinitely.”

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