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750-treo.jpgWhile I am out or studying, a big concern of mine is to have everything I may need in my pocket, I mean in my Treo. That said, why not have a whole set of dictionaries translating everything for me, just in case I meet a new foreign word, when I am on vacation in some exotic place? Other times instead, I may just need a regular English dictionary because I want to look for a synonymous or, why not, for a certain word I don’t know the meaning of (well, English is not my mother tongue). That’s why I have a lot of dictionaries. Here is a comprehensive list of what I have or have tried.

PoketLingo: This wonderful PalmOs application is composed by the application itself plus a whole set of different dictionaries for all kinds of needs. It is very easy to use and it works at speed light, guessing the word you are looking for while you are typing it in your device. You can also add a new word in the dictionary or create study cards to learn new words. The interface is easy, nice and very intuitive and require no effort to understand it. Among the dictionaries available you can find: abbreviations, bible, thesaurus, cultural literacy, french, German, Japanese, idioms, medical edition, wall street edition and many others! If you want more infos click here.

SlovoEd: This dictionary, like PocketLingo, guesses the word you are looking for when you type it. A very useful feature, above all if you are interesting in other similar words. SlovoEd is a nice bidirectional translator that provides the meaning of the words in a very fast and easy way. Among its features you can find: the sound module to hear the pronunciation of a certain word (very useful if you are studying a foreign language), the flash card quiz to add new words to flash cards and pass a quiz using them, word of the day to start the dictionary application with a new word to learn, table of irregular verb to study English verbs( but foreing verbs as well) on the fly. I personally like this dictionary, above all for the opportunity it gives me to listen to the most difficult foreign words.

Ultralingua: This dictionary has got a very simple and easy interface that, at a first look, could seems too bare-bone. Anyway it is not bad since it gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the words you are looking for. A big limit of this application is due to the fact that it is not provided with the guessing features the above dictionaries own. Apart from this Ultralingua dictionary is not a bad application at all. Its features include: indications of literary, slang, and vulgar usage, and indications for usage (including synonyms, accompanying prepositions, general categories, and more), thesaurus, irregular verbs table, hi-resolution interface, tool to translate numbers into text, thousands of technical terms. This dictionary, differently from the other ones, contains a big quantity of slang words and slang sentences. I find this very useful because it lets me learn way of saying that are not very easy to find in regular dictionaries.

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