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Nowadays world is filled-up with tons of information. Your life is full of information. Some of them are important, other ones not really, and a small amount are definitively superfluous. If you want to catalogue them, if you want to list them, if you want to keep them ordered you have to use a database, of course. But this way of keeping your personal infos can be really tricky since, most of the time, you don’t really know where to start from. That’s where Blist comes to help us! As advertised on its website Blist is “the world’s easiest database. Blist is all about discovering, sharing, publishing, distributing, and subscribing to data at home and at work.” Thanks to it you can organize whatever you want with no effort or special knowledge. Just sign-up with your e-mail, log-in and that’s it. You can start start filling-in your databases with telephone numbers, numbers, files, web address, email address etc. Whatever comes in your mind is apt to be databased. You only limit is your fantasy! Other features include: tags, calendar, possibility to analyse your data, print, share etc. The killer web utility for databases has finally arrived. Jump on board and be part of it! If you know more about it click here.

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