Firefox 3 Beta 3 is available

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logocrystalfirefox.pngDay after day we are getting closer and closer to the final release of Firefox 3. In the meantime, Mozilla team, after Firefox 3 Beta 2, has just released Firefox 3 Beta 3. This particular release sports more than 1300 improvements! Most of them are mainly focused on the end-user experience and serve the main purpose to improve and enhance surfing, memory usage, stability, performance and security. About this last point, Mozilla team has really made a great job. In fact, one most important features in the next Firefox, is its capability to protect the surfer from fake sites. Now, just by clicking on the icon of the web site (the one shown on the browser bar, on the left of the web address) you can have all the information about: website owner, server, addresses etc. But Firefox goes beyond it. Other security improvements include: Web Forgery Protection page, New SSL error pages, Secure add-on updates and Anti-virus integration.

This release Firefox is becoming more Vista-like, with new interfaces and icons that blend the browser with Vista general themes. If you want to know more read the release notes. If instead you want to download it, follow this link. Keep in mind that this new release, like the previous one, is for developers and beta testers. Don’t complain if it is not perfect or if you find some bugs. Well, actually if you find something that is wrong or that doesn’t work as expected you can alert the Mozilla team. To do so follow this link (you need to create an account).

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