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If you managed somehow and somewhere to download all the Windows Vista files (install.wim, boot.wim and a .EXE file), at this point you may be at loss how to make a bootable dvd in order to install Vista on your computer. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Put the three file in the same folder or directory. Let’s make the example that the three files all in the C:\ root.
  2. Run the .EXE file. A new folder named Vista will be created and it will contain a lot of files. These are the setup files.
  3. Exit from the install Windows screen.
  4. Download CDimage and install it.
  5. Click start on your desktop, open Run and type “cmd”. A command prompt shell will appear.
  6. Type: cdimage.exe -lVISTA_EN_DVD -m -u2 -bC:\Vista\boot\etfsboot.com C:\Vista\ C:\Vistax86.iso.
  7. A bootable Windows Vista x86 DVD ISO image will be created as vistax86.iso in C:\.
  8. Burn the ISO image by using a burning software such as Nero. To avoid any error make sure to burn at a 2X or 4X speed.

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3 Comments to “How to make a bootable Windows Vista dvd”

  1. tim Says:

    this doesnt work..

  2. vizzto Says:

    Thank you so much for this article.

  3. Jovan Says:

    This is really great tutorial, and you saved me A LOT of time, thanks.

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