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How many times have you wished to have something as small as a pen, but doing the same things as a mouse? If you work in a office you know very well that bothering feeling to do something with your mouse, stop it, take your pen, write something down and take your mouse back. How much time do you loose in this way? I know, I know. Too much. How about if you have a pen and a mouse at the same time? With “Pen & Mouse” you can! (What an original name by the way!). “Pen & Mouse” is completely compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and Mac OS X. This little mouse looks exactly like a pen but, once you have removed its cap and plugged into a USB port, you will be able to use it as a mouse. If instead you want to come back and continue to use it as a pen well, the only thing you will have to do, is to put the cap back on the mouse, pen…ehm whatever it is, and write! No word about the release date or its price.

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