Wii rules. At least that’s what analysis shows

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default-medium.jpgThis is a news I really want to report because, well, I am a big fan of Wii (I own one of it). I hope PS3 and Xbox guys are not feeling offended but, the guys at iSuppli are projecting that somewhere this year, Wii will overcome Xbox 360, becoming in this way the first console most sold in the world. The analysis puts the number of sold Wii over 30 millions compared to Xbox that anyway will manage to sell a considerable 26 millions, and PS3 that will reach around 25,7 millions. I am more than happy about this news and I hope we will see more consideration from the big game companies toward this little console, that only too often has been neglected. Wi is the real revolution that, thanks to its innovative way of playing and its cheap price, has totally changed the way people play with videogames. Kudos for Wii!

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