Is Google limiting my visitors?

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I know that this topic may look like a little trivial and crazy, but this is what I have started thinking after looking at my stats. In fact, for the whole month of January my blog registered around 120-140 visitors per day. My hope was to reach around 200 visitors by the beginning of February, but that is not what has happened. As a matter of fact during this month, in a matter of a few days, I have lost around 40-50 visitors per day so now my blog has around 90-100 daily visitors. While the tendency in the previous months was a constant increase of visitors, now I have a more regular, smooth flow of visitors. I ask myself, what has happened? I have not done anything on my blog in terms of change, I have not moved it to another server and I have not messed up with anything that could cause that drop. I have just added more content which had to give me the opposite result, if anything else. Looking around in the Internet, there is nothing speaking about this. I just found a forum where a blogger was asking, more or less, the same things I do. The only reply he got was that fluctuations are normal on a blog span of life, and that different tendencies are the results of demography. No Google behaviour has to be attributed to the above drop. Anyway my doubts stay. Am I being penalised for anything? Is Google preventing me from having a lot of visitors, because it wants my blog to follow certain rules? Is Google trying to standardize my blog to the normal tendency in terms of visitors that other blogs with the same topics have? I don’ know.

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