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l8r-header.pngHave you ever wished to schedule the sending of an email for, let’s say, 2009 or 2013? Are you afraid to forget somebody’s birthday and you want to write an email now, but you want it to be sent in two months? Are you an apprehensive guy and you don’t want to miss any important date? Well, with L8R.nu now you can decide and schedule when to send an email. It doesn’t matter if you want to send it in a month, a year or 5 years. This good website will do it for you! With L8R you can: prepare up to five year’s worth of happy birthday emails (if you want to schedule for more than 5 years you have to upgrade), remind your friends one day before the Bloomingdale sale, impress your boss by ‘sending’ email at 11PM (and showing up at 8AM next day!). If you want to see a demo, click here. If you want to sign-up, click here. Remember, with the free service you will just be able to schedule 3 emails, if you want more you have to upgrade!

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