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Would you like to draw on the fly, while you are walking along the street or while you are doing something else? Do you wish to take quick sketches or write something fast without loosing any time to look for a block note or a piece of paper? Do you have a Nintendo DS? Wait a second! What the heck does Nintendo DS have to do with drawing? Well, actually it has to do more than you thought! As a matter of fact, thanks to a simple, small homebrew application, you can turn your little console into a notebook to write and draw whatever you like! The application is called DS Notes and of course it is freeware. Reading from the forum where it was posted:”DSNotes is an application for the Nintendo DS, designed to provide a way to quickly jot down and save notes or small sketches. The program has been designed for lightning-quick saving, browsing, and loading of notes (stored as black and white bitmaps, each only 6kb in size). You can check out the readme.txt for more info.” Download it now!

If you want to download the application click here. Remember, to use this homebrew application you have to own a slot such as R4. Read more about homebrew here.

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