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hd.gifIf you have a lot of files such as: documents, movies, Mp3, games and the list could go on and on, then you may feel the urge to backup everything, before something bad happens to your computer (and to you too!). That’s why at a certain point of your life you buy an external hard disk! The old motto saying: “backup early, backup always” is really true for those people (and to me too) who don’t want to loose any important or unimportant data. That’s where ClickFree HD 700 comes to help us. This little, really little baby let’s you save everything you want in a few seconds! Apart from the fact that it is really small ( just 11,48 x 7,60 x 1,70 cm), ClickFree HD 700 is equipped with a HD SATA da 2,5″ whose storage capability is 120GB and with a speed of 5400RPM! The case is powerd witha USB 2.0 which means that you don’t have to get any external power source to make it works, since it gets all the power it wants from the PC itself. But the real power of this external hard disk is due to its program that doesn’t require any installation. Just plug the drive in and ClickFree will backup the whole content of your computer, recognizing at the same time about 350 different file formats. Of course it is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. Its price is not bad, about $169 and if you want to buy it right away follow this link.

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