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If you have a Wifi connection and/or a Wifi router you know only too well how weak sometimes a wifi signal can be. So weak that your computer doesn’t even manage to grab it. This may be due to the fact that you live or work in a place where the walls are too tick, or there are some interferences blocking and deviate the signal such as iron bars and other metals. Other times instead it is some unknown radio signals messing with your wifi. It may be also your wifi router that it’s so cheap that if your neighbor turns on its radio, you can weave goodbye your idea of spending the whole day surfing and relax. Luckly for us there some guys that don’t sleep at night to invent something to solve our problems! Build your own superpowerful wifi antenna as cheap as $10 and surf wherever you want now!

10$ WIFI Super Antenna – video powered by Metacafe

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One Comment to “Make a bigger Wifi antenna”

  1. mike Says:

    One way to make a “bigger” wifi antenna is to build your own cantenna. they are high gain, and work great. I have built several with about $10 worth of materials.

    Here is a link for building a Cantenna
    .-= mike´s last blog ..How to Password Protect a web page or directory =-.

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