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As you know, Microsoft with its new Office 2007 has introduced the new .docx format for its documents, with the main purpose of getting rid of the old .doc. The main issue of this new format is that it is not compatible with older Office versions. As you may imagine, a lot of users or I’d better say, most of the users still use old Office versions or worse, other editor software that can not open the .docx format. That’s where Docx2Rtf comes to help us. This little freeware software lets us retrieve all the information stored in those documents and convert them into .rft documents. You can even decide to convert these files into .PDF! Docx2Rtf is a freeware application for Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files. The latest versions can even read .prc and .pdb format that are used by a lot of Palm powered devices. Download Docx2Rtf, the Docx Converter now!

Update: If you don’t want to download any program, but you still need a docx converter you can always use an online application. If you want to know more about online text editor applications click here.

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