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microsoft logoLet me be straight about this. If you think to remove or uninstall Windows Media Center (WMC) well, change your mind because you can not. In fact the package is an inbuilt Windows Vista application and, just because of this, you have to keep it, no matter if you like it or not. A thing you can do anyway, is to disable it so that it won’t bother you anymore. But apart from the bothering side, WMC is also a resource eater that requires a lot of RAM to run. If you want to get rid of it and have your computer faster read this trick:

  1. Click on “Start”
  2. Click on “Run” and edit services.msc”
  3. A windows will appear. Find all these services and disable them: Windows Media Center Extender Service, Windows Media Center Receiver Service, Windows Media Center Scheduler Service, Windows Media Center Service Launcher (and other services which have the launch or launcher word and thast are related with WMC)
  4. Click on “Start” again
  5. Click on “Run” and edit MSConfig”
  6. Go to “Startup” tab
  7. Uncheck those entries which have the ehome as path such as ehTray.exe. This will prevent MCE to start when you turn on your PC.
  8. Done!

Now to make the changes permanent you need to turn off and on your computer. Once done you should experience a faster, lighter Windows Vista! For more Vista news, trick and hacks click here. If you want to have a really lighter Windows Vista click here.

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6 Comments to “How to disable Windows Media Center”

  1. Bj Says:

    well I did this around 4 months ago and just as bad a problem is happening. Before on my Gateway T-series media Center just turns ON all the time when I touch almost any botton. Now that I have turned it OFF as stated I get the “Media Center has stopped working” error window. As we speak I have 72 of these windows on and as long as I keep typing they will continue.Is now its 115. On and on I F-ing HATE this program I want if off, out, gone I do not want it.

  2. libepacs Says:

    please help me out in here this windows media center keep popping every single moment i click on ym messenger, google chrome, and mozilla.

    almost all the programs i open this would popup annoyingly.

    s.o.s please

  3. Md. Maksud Hossain Says:

    I have windows 7. that was doing well but now this there is not working properly for windows media center. if i want to browse MS OFFICE, internet explorer, mozila firefox, any microsoft software that is not working always showing Microsoft windows media center. Plese help me to remove media center from windos 7………

  4. Neil Harper Says:

    Found this article from a ‘Google’ search for “How to disable WMC”……Very pleased with result, it does work, and my pc loads a lot bit quicker ……..I’m off to do the same with the other two now…..Cheers!

  5. Bob McIntyre Says:

    Thank you! I hated Windows Media Center.

  6. Removing Windows Vista Media Center from bootup - Disable MCE to make Vista faster @ Hermann Strijewski, Software Developer Says:

    […] I got this tip from this website webtlk.com […]

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