iRiver UNIT 2 Multimedia Home Networking

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As you know I am always looking for new devices that can integrate as much technology as possible. I hate having different devices doing differently things. A phone to call, a camera to take shots, a Mp3 reader to listen to my music. Why can not I have a single device doing all this? Luckily for me (and for you guys) big companies are becoming more and more aware about this and try to create new devices having many services and functions. One of this company called iRiver has recently made public its new tool called UNIT 2 which integrate many applications namely: CD/DVD player, FM tuner, TV tuner, VoIP phone, VoIP Video Phone, WiFi support and a fast browser to surf the web! Its specs are: base Unit and portable Unit, 2GB NAND Flash and 30GB hard drive, with SD memory card slot, 7-inch (800×480 pixels) 16:9 screen. No word about its price or release date. Watch the video to know how it works!

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