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As you know (or you should) I have a fantastic Treo 650. I like it a lot, but what I really like about it, is its smooth Palm operative system. So far I have not got any issue with Palm or with its devices (in fact I also have a Zire 72). The software is simple but effective, and because of this it doesn’t stuck so frequently as other operative systems do (read Microsoft). Well, it looks like some guy managed to run Palm operative system on…iPhone! Wait wait wait, not so fast. The guy is not thinking to release any software or beta. I know, he is being mean. But for the joy of all of us here is a video of him.

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One Comment to “iPhone emulating Palm? Yes it can!”

  1. joe Says:

    Bet you some one at apple will cry when they first see this (or some one from apple did this )

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