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Since I last wrote this article a lot of things have changed. First of all I use the good plugin All-in-one-SEO pack which has dramatically increased the number of people visiting my blog by helping place my posts in the search engines top pages, and secondly some days ago Web Talk has reached the goal of having more than 200 posts (233 to be accurate) and 5 guides. This has meant a lot to me because I didn’t think to last so long in term of writing. Being the only editor of this blog is a hard task and sometimes, after coming back from work, it is difficult to sit down again and start writing. Anyway I am doing fine so is my blog. The month of February has seen a further increase of visitors. Here is the statistics.

  • Visitors: 2348
  • Pageviews: 11762
  • Spiders: 8944
  • Feeds: 2011

I didn’t change a lot as far as the blog’s template is concerned. I still like the iTheme template. I think it is very user-friendly and simple which is what I want. WordPress has managed to keep lots of threats out of its way and as a matter of fact, thanks to the good plugin called Akismet, Web Talk has avoided 43 spam comments. Please read this post to learn more how to increase security in your blog. Speaking about SEO and Google Adsense, thanks to this trick I applied to avoid duplicate contents, my blog’s posts show up in the first pages on Google while searching for certain keywords, the overall Google Adsense earnings have also improved a lot. There are certain days, where with just 4-5 clicks, I manage to get around 1,45 dollars! Like I said this is due to a good SEO policy that has manged to improve the way search engines see my blog. While I didn’t change anything in my template, I changed a lot in the blog pages. Looking at Google analytics’ statistics I see that more than 73% of Web Talk’s visitors come directly from Google. They read the article and leave. They stay on the page/blog around 3,40 minutes. In order to help people have a better view of the other posts, so they will stay on the blog more willingly, I decided to put at the end of each articles two new sections: Related articles and Latest articles. In this way, I hope people will stay on my blog more time. Of course I added more Google ads per page. Now there are 15 Google ads link and a Google search bar placed almost at the end of the page. As usual, I try to keep all these ads away from the articles, in order not to bother my visitors too much. I don’t like being too invasive and I want my readers to enjoy my articles as much as they can. Ok, that’s enough. I hope you will continue enjoying Web Talk for a long time. Have a good day!

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