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photodropper.pngIf you have a WordPress blog you know very well how hard it is to write a post. But you also know very well how harder it can be to look for the right picture. When I write a post, lots of times it is difficult and tiring to get a picture from the Internet because sometimes it is too small or too big, or maybe it is copyrighted and I can not use it, or it is not exactly what I am looking for. Photodropper is a plugin that should solve all these problems. As a matter of fact Photodropper lets you get whatever pic you want from one of the bigger image gallery in the world: Flickr. This fantastic website contains millions of Creative Commons licensed photos available in its database. What the creators of Photodropper did, was just to create a plugin that simplifies the entire process of finding and adding incredible Flickr images to your posts. That’s what I call a very simple and original solution to a tough and forever-lasting webmaster issue! Well Done!

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