Sony Mylo Com-2 gets widgets

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mylo-and-widgets.jpgIf you have bought a nice Mylo Com-2 and you are finally trying to understand how it works, well I want to tell you that soon you will have to start all over again! As a matter of fact Sony is about to introduce a wonderful website for your Mylo full…of widgets! The website, which is reachable here, is called Mylo Lab and it is a place where people who have a Mylo and Widget creators clash togheter to share their knowledge and their brand new applications. So far, the website has a handful of widgets that can be viewed and downloaded here, but soon, I am more than sure about this, there will be more available. The little applications are open-source (since Mylo itself is Linux based) so you don’t have to spend a dime to get them. Finally Sony is starting to understand how things work. People buying these kind of devices (another good example is the excellent Nokia n810) want to have something dynamic in their hands. They want to see their little babies growing and getting bigger and full of nice applications to play with, and not something that keep them bounded to a handful of program they didn’t even have the chance to choose. Customize is the keyword. Kudos for Sony!

Source: pocketables.net

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