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If you wish to hack Windows Vista Boot Manager, as you know or you should, you have to click on Start (bottom left of your desktop), All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt and write BCDEDIT. The solution anyway it is not handy, since once the DOS window gets filled with all the information, you may be at loss about what to do. The easy solution here is to downlaod the light, freeware, easy-to-configure EasyBCD. This little program lets you configure your Windows Vista boot in many ways. With its features you can: multi-and dual-boot profiles for Windows Vista + Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, back up and recover your bootloader settings, debug the boot process, create multiple boot profiles etc. With Easy BCD nothing is impossible for you anymore, even if you are not equipped with a specialised knowledge!

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13 Comments to “Easy BCD Windows Boot Manager”

  1. Mike Says:

    I had koala 9.04 and winXP and was able to dual boot; then after upgrading to Lucid 10.04, I lost the ability to boot windows. GRUB 1.97 list the OS’s but Windows will not boot. Will BSD be able to help with this problem?

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