Gmail captcha got….cracked

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capcha.jpgThis is really a bad news for all of those people (and myself too) who have got a Gmail. As a matter of fact it looks like the famous captcha, so important and necessary if you want to open a Gmail account, has been cracked allowing in this way spammers to create as many accounts as wished, in order to spam as many Gmail accounts as possible. But why Gmail? Firstly, Gmail is one of the most used email accounts in the Internet, secondly Gmail bases its filter upon a blacklist which, of course, doesn’t include all those email accounts with gmail.com extension. Now, having many Gmails means opening the gate to spammers who are sure to bomb effectively their Google targets. The program used to read the captcha is being said to be far from perfect, but anyway it manages to create an account out of five attempts. The percentage is really good, isn’t it? Let’s hope Google is going to put a patch on this dramatic problem.

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