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How many times have you wished to recover that SMS you deleted from your phone? A lot of times I bet, but…How many times have you wished to recover those deleted SMS from your girlfriend’s phone? Let’s be straight about it. This could be a forbidden dream of yours. I think once in your life (but for many people could even be once a week!) you have wished to read SMS from your girlfriend’s phone but, you know, she is smarter than you and she never forgets to delete them. Well, today you can be the smartest guy around thanks to Cell Phone SIM Card Spy. Just put a SIM card into it and start reading all the erased data right away! Here are its most important features.

  • Recover deleted text messages and phone numbers from any SIM card (do I really need to go on? Isn’t this enough to buy it right away?).
  • Copy your phone book onto your PC.
  • Transfer everything from one SIM card to another.
  • Edit SIM card infos directly into your PC.
  • Backup everything

This cool device that looks like a USB pen costs about $150 and if you want to buy one click here. To know more watch the video now.


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