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After the nice Cloudbook, it looks like Everex is seriously beginning to think about cheap laptops. As a matter of fact it is now available at NewEgg another Everex’s laptop called VA1500V. This new Everex baby sports a 1.5GHz VIA C7-M processor, WXGA+(1,440 x 900) screen, 512 DDR2 RAM, 60GB 5400RPM hard drive, DVD combo drive, wifi antenna, 3 USB ports. Isn’t all this sufficient for you to buy one of it yet? What about its cheap price then? In fact this nice laptop (which is not an ultraportable) costs about $399.99, A real deal! Looking at it, well, no fancy design right, but for that price what do you want? Isn’t that true the old saying…better than nothing?

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9 Comments to “Everex VA1500V”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hello Rob,
    It looks like you have a driver issue, I have a couple of solutions for you:
    Try to download the audio driver here (select your model first in order to get all its drivers): http://www.everex.com/support/support.htm
    Alternatively, try to download the driver here

  2. Rob Says:

    I have a everex and no sound can someone help thanks

  3. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Wonderbird for yor excellent review! I hope what you wrote is going to inspire other people and convice them to write more about this great laptop!

  4. Wonderbird Says:

    I recently picked up one of these $379 Everex gBook laptops… What a value!!! Love the display!

    I did not really mind gOS but I loaded Ubuntu 8.04 on it the day I got it (and updated the xorg.conf file to force 1440×900 resolution) I love the 15.4″ high resolution display. I ordered 2Gig of DDR2 PC4200/533Mhz RAM for just under $50 which should be in soon… The 667Mhz speed listed above is wrong…

    I popped off most of the keys and repositioned them to take advantage of the DVORAK keyboard layout. To finally get a mass-market laptop without the Microsoft Tax that plays nice with Linux is great…

    The $379 price I got it for was also a no brainer. The 1.5Ghz VIA processor runs cool and you can actually use it resting on your lap for extended periods…

    Wireless configuration using both gOS and Ubuntu 8.04 was flawless… (Downloading Ubuntu 8.04 iso and burning it using the built in optical drive and then reinstalling from it was one of the first things I did…)

    I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants a no-frills Linux based laptop. (Grab one before they are gone…)

  5. kevin Says:

    cool – thanks!

  6. Web Talk Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I will try to send an email to Matt and let him know that you want to know a little more about gBook. If possible I will try to put the two of you into communication.

  7. kevin Says:

    we’re considering purchasing (20) gBooks for use at our school (from walmart.com, not newegg.com – newegg has a terrible return policy). please tell us all about your gBook experience. we installed gOS on an old IBM laptop to evaluate it in advance – found some issues connecting to wireless network, as well as the inability to go into Suspend or Hibernate mode. also, there is a lack of admin tools complied with gOS, and appears that we’ll need to install some such tools separately (to add limited users, etc, without having to do everything from command line), as well as allow us to access SMB or AFP fileserver sharepoints. i plan to purchase 1 unit from walmart in a couple weeks to put it through the paces, and then either buy 19, or return the 1.

  8. Web Talk Says:

    Hey Matt! I am pretty curious to know how gBook behaves and how it is like to have one. You can write a review here on the comment section or, if you want, you can send me a small article with your name, email etc. I will publish it! Thanks.

  9. Matt Says:

    I should be receiving my Everex gBook (VA1500V) tomorrow. I’ll let you know what my impressions are as I get set up.

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