30% of blogs are…splogs

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wordpress.jpgHow familiar are you with viruses, spywares, spammers, malware and phishing? If your reply is a lot because you had to do with one of them or with all of them during your surfing, well, today there is a new threat called SPLOG you have to deal with. But what is a splog? If you are a regular Internet user, sooner or later you will have to deal with it, because a splog is just a normal-looking blog with the only intention to get as much money as possible by using Google Adsense. All its content comes from other blogs, thanks to a simple “copy-and-past”. Nothing it is original and the person behind it, is just a guy who wants to make a lot of money. He is not interested to speak about certain topics or reply to his readers or help others. You will never get any reply from him if you try to send him an email. If you are a blogger, sooner or later you will see your articles, posts and guides in one of these splogs. There won’t be a lot you can do, apart from getting angry and see your own writing used by people just interested to make money, without giving you any credit for your works. Recently WordPress stated to have deleted around 800.000 splogs. This figure represent about 30% of all WordPress blogs! Of course this new pestware has not just to do with WordPress. Lots of famous blog platforms are involved too such as: Blogger and Google blog. So far, there is not any solution at hand (no matter if you are a surfer or a blogger) to this new dirty way to spam the web 2.o.

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